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2011 NAGA Chicago Overall Team Champions - Carlson Gracie Team

2011 IBJJF Results


May 30th, 2011


Villa Park, Illinois (IL) -- The announcements echoed almost non-stop throughout the Odeum the weekend of NAGA Chicago 2011, 'First Place Carlson Gracie Team... Second Place Carlson Gracie Team... First Place Carlson Gracie Team... '.   As the team dominated the competition on the mats, the announcer became the messenger to the other 185 teams telling them that the Carlson Gracie Team was focused and determined on taking the coveted Overall Team Championship.  When the weekend tournament came to an end, the team looked to the official results to validate what they already knew.  Carlson Gracie Team had taken the NAGA Chicago 2011 Overall Team Championship!!!

The intensity the team brought to the NAGA tournament was reflected not only in the Overall Team Championship win, but also in the way the team earned the top honor.  Carlson Gracie Team had swept the tournament taking first place in all three categories: No-Gi Team, Gi Team, and Kids and Teens.  The team had earned a total of 3,230 points with the distant second place finisher (Gracie Barra) at 1780 and third place (Alliance BJJ) at 1170.  No longer would this team be known for second place team finishes.  The statement was made.  Carlson Gracie Team is the best BJJ / Grappling Team in the Chicagoland area.

'We destroyed that tournament.' stated Coach Jason Sullins even before the official results were posted. 'It is my personal goal to help restore Carlson Gracie Team to the legendary status it had in the 90s.  This win means allot to me but I am far from finished.'  Coach Sullins added, 'Now that we are at the top of Chicago we intend to stay there and also to start moving on to domination at the national level.  For example, Issac Riggs who is our black belt instructor in Schaumburg just won the IBJJF Open Weight Division in Dallas with all of his matches being finished by submission.  I know what our team and students are capable of.  This is just a taste of whats to come.'

Coach Jeff Neal commented on the victory, 'The team has just raised the bar to where I knew we could be. This one was special and I am very proud of our accomplishment.  Congratulations and thank you to everyone on our team who competed that weekend, the coaches who coached them from the side of the mats and prepared them before the tournament, and all of our gym members who sparred with them during classes to get them ready.'

Congratulations to Carlson Gracie Team!  Way to get it done Bulldogs!


First Place Finishes:

Alec Campos
Andre Madiz
Andrew Fitzgerald
Angelo Amato
Bart Santiago
Carl Dean
Chance Saller
Dalton Ferguson
Daniel Wanderley
Darrin Jeziorski
Deuce Rachal
Dominik Tacadena
Dorothy Sedovic
Doug Tyler
Edgar Africa
Elijah Mercado
Elijah Yifrach
Eva Ortiz
Fred Smith
Gabriel Palos
Gabriel Wanderley
Graham Ferguson
Honor Nguyen
Iszak Morgan
Jake Chivini 
Jamile Ruiz
Jared Galler
Jason Bishop
Jeff Burdorf x2
Jeremiah Smith
Jesus Alvarez
Joe Cressman
Joe Sullivan
Jordan Walker
Justice Nguyen
Justin O'Connor x2
Kai Tacadena
Kevin Kruse
Kyle Casey x2
Kyle Dudiak
Logan West
Matthew O'Laughlin x2
Matthew Tieman
Michael Ronnenberg x2
Michael Sykes x2
Nathan Hardin
Pawel Belzowski
Ryan Bishop
Sam Ferguson
Sara Holden x2
Tony Del Alcazar x2
Trey Pitcock
Tyler Krestel
Zachary Brusso
Zack Brusso
Zack Cramer

Second Place Finishes:

Amber Bonarrigo
Andre Madiz
Brandon Dilbeck
Chance Saller
Charlie Burmeister
Constantine Kanaavos x2
Dalton Ferguson
Daniel Driscoll
Deuce Rachal
Dino Lulic 
Dominik Tacadena
Edgar Africa
Fred Smith x2
Gabriel Palos
Gabriel Wanderley
Graham Ferguson
Hank Steffes
Harrison Klein
Honor Nguyen
Jason Curtis
Jodie Gauthrop
John Colt
John Parolin
Jon Hogan x2
Josue Diaz
Justice Nguyen
Justin Colt
Kira Ruiz
Logan West
Madison Sutton
Mason Sauseda
Mattie Muller
Michael Sheridan
Michelle Ruiz x2
Miranda Cuevas
Moses I Quintana
Nathan Weed
Randy Patino
Raul Luna
Ross Gavino
Ryan Del Alcazar
Stephen Luster Jr.
Steven Colon
Tim Erorman
William Barrett

Third Place Finishes:

Aaron Brooks
Alex Campos
Amber Bonarrigo
Anthony Monahan
Anthony Richmond
Baron Klein
Ben Lindhout
Blaine Woods
Demetrious Alvarez x2
Dorian Ozoude
Eva Ortiz
Jason Irias
Jeff Wenstrom
Jesse Gonzalez
Joey Cueves
John Colt
Kiel McDougal
Kyle Kurt
Leondo Phifer
Mark Manalad
Michael Chivini
Nathan Hardin
Raul Luna
Stephen Luster
Tyler Krestel

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